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Can I Build a Dual Occupancy on my Land?

Dual occupancy dwellings: Can I build one on my land?

Dual occupancy dwellings, also known as a duplexes, can maximise the value of land for property owners and developers. Dual occupancies are defined in the Standard Instrument Principal Local Environmental Plan as two dwellings on one title, either attached or detached. This means that on a single property, there are two separate dwellings that are …

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Housing Diversity SEPP: Boarding Houses, Affordable Housing, Seniors Living & Build-to-Rent

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) is presently exhibiting a new policy; Proposed Housing Diversity SEPP. The explanation of intended effect (EIE) states there are three primary objectives: Consolidating existing policies; Facilitating more social housing; and Ensuring the residential development sector is positioned to assist the economic recovery of New South Wales post COVID-19 pandemic. …

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Part Two: The land subdivision process

What is the process of a land subdivision? This article is the first in a multipart series about How to do a land subdivision? Part One: Feasibility of a land subdivision (beginner)Part Two: The land subdivision process (beginner)Part Three: Modelling feasibility in excel (medium)Part Four: Modelling feasibility in Argus EstateMaster (expert)Part Five: Selling lots in a land subdivision (beginner) Completing a land …

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