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Project management is a difficult job, and it often is split into three smaller jobs. Someone to manage the professionals, someone to manage the contractor, and someone to manage the mangers. This bureaucracy is wasteful, creating unnecessary expense and delay. However, at Precise Planning, we are committed to providing a full and efficient service.

From the very first moment you bring a site to us, we will take charge, ensuring you are the priority for every person who interacts with your job. Not only do we know the industry, we know the individual contractors, their strengths and weaknesses. These relationships directly manifest as more money in your pocket, more time for you to spend with your family/friends, and a better overall experience in development.

The secret to our success with project management is two-fold; experience and technology. It is only possible to be successful in this industry with careful consideration that underpins every decision. We utilise innovative technology and automation to manage processes, store documents, and control costs. We are one of only a select number of firms to employ this technology.

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