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Depending on the location and context, certain properties have the potential to be rezoned. A successful rezoning can be a lucrative investment, as it can increase the range of permissible uses on the subject land.


A planning proposal is required to be submitted to Council, which outlines the areas which are proposed to be rezoned. The planning proposal includes explaining the intended outcome, an explanation of the proposal, a justification for the intended outcomes, and details of community consultation. 

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After the planning proposal has been taken to Council, the Planning Minister must decide whether the planning proposal is justified, any variations are needed, or any other requirements should be applied.


If the Planning Minister believes the planning proposal should proceed, it will then be placed on public exhibition for comment by the general public and other governing authorities. Then, the draft Local Environmental Plan Amendment is created by the Parliamentary Counsel, and then approved by the Minister or a delegate with the Minister’s authority.


Precise Planning has extensive experience with the creation of planning proposals and management of the rezoning process. Rezoning projects require patience, resilience, and expertise. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to the experts at Precise Planning with over two decades of experience in this field.


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