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The Town Planners at Precise Planning are experts in land subdivision developments. We have subdivided thousands of residential and commercial lots across New South Wales, with particular expertise in South West Sydney, over the last two decades.


To help you get started, Precise Planning offers a free preliminary site analysis to help you understand any relevant issues that may occur as you subdivide.


There is a multitude of factors to think about when subdividing your land, including various statutory considerations. For example, if your land is in a designated growth area the minimum lot size and zoning in these growth areas are likely different from those specified in the Local Environmental Plan. With the help of expert town planners, you can produce a subdivision that yields better results.

We have a profound
knowledge of planning
regulation and law.

Precise Planning’s highly qualified town planners will identify the fundamental planning considerations for your land and review the relevant legislation. The, Precise Planning will organise a comprehensive planning report that thoroughly explores:

  • An existing site analysis; 
  • Proposed future/alternative land uses;
  • The fundamental impacts and the strategies used to minimise negative impacts;
  • The statutory provisions that apply to your site; and
  • Our response demonstrating compliance with the statutory provisions.

We provide our clients the best opportunity to obtain development approval for their subdivision. If you’re interested in subdividing your land, we are to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained throughout years of practice.


If you would like preliminary advice, a comprehensive cost estimate, or would like to organise a meeting, get in contact with Precise Planning today.

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