Month: July 2020

Development Application Objections

Development Application Objections

First and foremost, you should only consider objections to development applications if you genuinely believe the application does not comply with relevant standards or guidelines, fails to consider relevant matters, does not regard the local character and amenity and/or will result in an unreasonable impact on your property.  Development within a reasonable context is beneficial for everyone; it …

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Seniors Living SEPP

Site Compatibility Certificate – Seniors Housing

This article provides an overview of the purpose of the Site Compatibility Certificate (SCC) in relation to the Seniors SEPP. In 2004, the NSW state government introduced the State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004 (Seniors Living SEPP) in response to NSW’s ageing population. In 2016, there were more …

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affordable housing SEPP

Boarding Houses and Affordable Rental Housing

What is a boarding house? A boarding house is a residential building with individual units, and may have shared amenities, such as communal kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. However, there are many new generation boarding houses that have self-contained units with individual bathrooms and kitchens. This type of accommodation is targeted towards young professionals, students, …

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