Site Compatibility Certificates

Precise Planning has prepared applications to obtain two Site Compatibility Certificates from Department of Planning Industry and Environment, enabling consideration of two nursing homes (150 beds each) and over 200 self-care and serviced self-care dwellings.

The Site Compatibility Certificate applications involved detailed research and data collection of the local areas involved in order to demonstrate the ability to comply with the various requirements of the Seniors Living State Environmental Planning Policy.

In each case, local environmental heritage issues were relevant, including one where an item of local heritage significance was proposed to be adaptively re-used for administrative, dining and recreational purposes. The other project required an amendment to the Local Environmental Plan to reduce the minimum lot size for a rural zoned lot and this process was successfully navigated through the local Council and Depart. 

Precise Planning successfully engaged a team of professionals to achieve the objective of obtaining the Site Compatibility Certificates.



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