Residential Rezoning

Precise Planning acted as the principal planner to successfully obtain Council and Gateway approval to a rezoning of land from rural to residential zones, which will ultimately create approximately 270 residential and large-lot residential lots.

The process involved sixteen separate landowners, each with different motivations and aspirations. Precise Planning was able to work with all stakeholders collaboratively to achieve a single proposal, which was ultimately supported by the local Council and State Government.

The land itself possessed numerous constraints such as critically endangered ecological communities, natural watercourses, areas of sloping land and visual integration with surrounding land uses. Precise Planning succeeded utilising a team of experts in particular fields to diligently work to overcome the constraints. The output included drafting proposed DCP guidelines relating to road networks and landscaping for the estate.

The site masterplanning undertaken by Precise Planning included engagement of government agencies, avoidance of constraints where possible, future road locations, mixes of lot sizes, a community park/lookout and landscaping.

It is anticipated that the site will be construction over the next eighteen months to two years.



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